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Make your own Powerful Herbal Anti-inflammatory Tablets | DIY Moringa Turmeric Ginger & Honey Pills

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• Recipe: • 3 Tblsp moringa leaf powder • 3 Tblsp turmeric powder • 3 Tblsp ginger powder • ½ tsp ground black pepper • 2 ½ - 3 Tblsp raw honey (depending on the humidity / weather in your area) • Yield: 140 tablets • Dosage: 2 tablets daily with meal (or with some kind of fat - fish, nuts, avocado, milk, etc) • Turmeric is one of nature's most powerful inflammation fighters. It not only fights aches and pains in joints, but brain fog too. Research has shown that when the brain is inflamed, memory formation and recall both suffer • TURMERIC: has weight loss properties, helps joint pain and inflammation – it is a blood thinner, so it helps reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol, it helps arthritis, regulates blood sugar, improves brain function, antioxidant properties • GINGER: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, it is good for the immune system –and it’s a heat producing herb. Ginger may ease muscle pain and arthritis symptoms, may help with weight loss, • BLACK PEPPER: Aids turmeric absorption (helps absorb curcumin) • MORINGA LEAF POWDER: has antioxidant properties, reduces inflammation, helps with joint pains and swellings, helps to treat tumors, protects tissues (liver, kidneys, heart, and lungs), lowers blood pressure • HONEY: has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties • OLIVE OIL: to prevent the mix from sticking to hands and the utensils- also, besides black pepper, any kind of fat (such as oil, milk, avocado, fish, nuts will activate the goodness in turmeric • Dry them in a dark area for approx 2 days • Store in a dark, airtight glass container in the refrigerator -but may keep monthly dosage in a separate jar at room temp • I am not a medical professional, and nothing here can be taken as medical or health advice for you personally, so pls check with your physician before following any advice or information you find online. • Some items used in this video: • Moringa powder - • Turmeric powder - • Ground ginger - • Silicone mats: • #ads •••NOTE: if pregnant - ginger and turmeric may be taken in very small doses, but moringa in large doses (esp the root & bark) may make the uterus contract. Many of the researches are still in the preliminary stages or the studies have only taken place on animals. Doctors usually caution mothers-to-be about taking supplements during certain stages of pregnancy. • The Calendula Officinalis, we feel, is Nature’s Darling. Watch another natural remedy video: DIY Herbal Liniment for Muscle & Nerve Pains || Natural Pain Relieving Rub for Athletes & Seniors Social links: • TikTok: • YouTube Subscribe here: • Our Website: • Facebook • Instagram: • Pinterest: • Artisan Soaps Playlist: • DIY Arts & Crafts Playlist: • “Clean” Recipes Playlist: • Natural Remedies / Herbals Playlist:
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