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Augmented Neurosurgery

Posted by Super Admin Edström/Elmi-Terander´s research group Winner of the MedTech4Health Innovation Award 2021 Augmented Neurosurgery - Our research group develops solutions and technologies to increase the precision of surgical procedures to improve surgical outcomes and reduce the frequency of patient injuries, reoperations and length of hospital stay. Purpose and aims The technologies aim to facilitate minimally invasive surgery, i.e., operations via small surgical approaches with minimized wound size, blood loss and surgery time. The small incisions require the surgeon to operate without a direct view of the deep anatomical structures. Instead, surgical navigation based on modern imaging and visualization technologies must be employed to reveal the anatomy of the surgical area. These technologies let the surgeon see inside the patient and perform procedures with enhanced precision. In addition, they can be used to confirm that a surgical implant is placed correctly at the first attempt.
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