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Wisdom of Amirul muminin omar ibn alkhattab

Posted May 13, 2020 by Super Admin

1. “The best way to defeat someone is to beat him at politeness.” Umar ibn Al-Khattab 2. “Do not grieve ove Read More...

COVID 19 emergency numbers

Posted March 18, 2020 by Super Admin

Dear Nigerians Be Honest, If you are sick and have a history of travel or contact with recent traveler to a co Read More...

ISLAM IN Nigeria and Arabic on the Naira Currency.

Posted November 16, 2020 by Super Admin

*DO YOU KNOW* The First Church in Nigeria was built in 1842, some say 1898 (Google it) BUT 1.The fi Read More...


Posted June 28, 2019 by Super Admin



Posted March 13, 2020 by Super Admin

For official news regarding the corona virus spread please use the following sources.   Nigerian center Read More...

Fassara Inde fulfulde be hausare sunan

Posted June 22, 2020 by M.A. Tafida

1. Ardo --Shugaba (The Leader). 2. Gidado -- Masoyi (The Loved One). 3. Barkindo - -Albarkantacce (The B Read More...

Petition to the National broadcasting commission.

Posted May 12, 2020 by M.A. Tafida

The Director General, Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Attn: Hon. Minister of information and Culture Read More...

Covid19 : The logistics of power supply and Oxygen supply.

Posted April 23, 2020 by Super Admin

Its interesting how the #world has been delivering #ventilators around #Africa, however many places don' Read More...

17 Types Of Sadaqah Every Muslim Man and Woman Should Know.

Posted June 26, 2020 by Super Admin

Sadaqah is not only linked with money. We often think that taking out money from our earnings are Sadaqah, Read More...

The sheikh without wuduu

Posted September 7, 2020 by Super Admin

THE SHEIKH THAT PRAY WITHOUT ABLUTION The story of a Sheikh who prayed without doing Wudhu. Abdallah was Read More...