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What is Web3?

Posted Aug 22 by Super Admin

  What is Web3? The Decentralized Internet of the Future Explained By Nader Dabi Read More...

Rejection of your paper

Posted Jun 6 by Super Admin

Rejection of your paper or grant has NO relevance to the opinion of #research community. It is nothing bu Read More...

You've heard of AutoGPT?

Posted Apr 17 by Super Admin

You've heard of AutoGPT?Honestly, this is getting pretty wild!It's an open-source project that attempts t Read More...


Posted Jan 18 by Super Admin

ChatGPT isn't going to kill SEO. It's actually going to make it more effective. Here's how smart people will u Read More...

Awesome CHATGPT Prompts

Posted Jan 18 by Super Admin

 https://github.com/f/awesome-chatgpt-prompts from GitHub \ud83e\udde0 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts  


Posted Jan 18 by Super Admin

10 techniques to get massively ahead with AI: (cut-and-paste these prompts) 1) Simulate an expert Ask ChatGP Read More...

CHATGPT: How AI and neuroscience can help brain tumours

Posted Jan 18 by Super Admin

Question: in the field of Ai and neuroscience what current research area has a high likelihood of becoming u Read More...

Windows Short cut keys

Posted Jan 17 by Super Admin

Save You Time :) Ctrl + A - Select AllCtrl + B - BoldCtrl + C - CopyCtrl + D - FillCtrl + F - FindCtrl + G - F Read More...

Macbook mid 2010 keeps crashing and restarting.

Posted October 14, 2020 by Super Admin

My MacBook Pro keeps randomly crashing and restarting. This happens usually when I'm using Mission Control, bu Read More...

World and earth radio.garden

Posted October 9, 2020 by Super Admin

Good day everyone Open the following link. You will see the entire earth. There are numerous green spots arou Read More...