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Common Mistakes in fulfulde

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    Another youth from Funa-Kaye (Gombe State) told me today that "yaare ngati mo", in reference to his colleague stung by a scorpion. These are the correct ways of using such verbs in Fulfulde:

    Yaare fidi mo - A scorpion stung him (or her)
    Mboodi soppi mo - A snake bit him
    Rawaandu ngati mo - A dog bit him
    Faaturu siifi mo - A cat scratched him
    Mboju 'yoiri mo - A rabbit tricked him
    Nagge hawi mo - A cow attacked him
    Luwal yuwi mo - A horn gored him
    Jaaral yuwi mo - A spear stabbed him
    La6i deedi mo - A knife cut him
    Gi'al tufi mo - A thorn pricked him
    Boggol ha66i mo - A rope tied him
    Tuggere feri mo - A stump tripped him
    Maayo ilni mo - A river took him (he drowned)
    Yiite wuli mo - A fire burned him
    Nyebbam forni mo - Oil burned him
    Wuy6e fasi mo - Thieves robbed him
    Alkali tiggi mo - The judge jailed him
    Kiita nangi mo - Justice caught up with him
    Guldum sofni mo - Sweat drenched him
    Iyeende tobri mo - Rain fell on him

    Meanwhile, "It is raining" in Fulfulde is "Iyeende don to6a", not "Be don wada iyeende" (from the Hausa "Ana ruwa"). If you won't say "They are making rain" in English, why say that in Fulfulde?