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Fulani names and meaning


    Churiɗo- the covered one

    Tilimɗo- the precious/honorable one

    Charo/charel- treasure

    Mamma-charel: mother of treasure 

    Kebbinɗo- pleased one

    Barkindo- blessed one

    Neymaji- one that brings bounties

    Seyoji- the one that brings happiness 

    Bulo- one born at dawn


    Wabili- one born during/after a heavy rainfall 

    Joɗa- survivor

    De’i- the calm one

    Lumbi- one born between boys or one that is married to her relative

    Chenido- the persevering or pure one

    Mairamjo- a queen 

    Innawuro/Dadawuro- mother to all

    Boɗejo- the red one

    Danejo- the fair one

    Balejo- the dark one

    Boɗɗo- the beautiful one 

    Dikko-first born (girl)

    Kumbo-second born (girl)

    Takko- fifth born (girl)

    Gaaji- last born

    Chiuto- twin

    Dadda/Adda/Nenne- elder sister

    Malal : happiness

    - Malaado : happy on

    - Juldeh : celebratio

    - Koorka : born during Ramadan mont

    - Selli / Selli : health

    - Ceerno : teache

    - Wuuri : aliv

    - Jam : peac

    - Baaba : fathe

    - Neene : mothe

    - Saajo (Sadio) : born after twins

    - Gidaado : loved one rreeryhne