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Vaccines have effects beyond its indication.

    1. It's interesting how we forget history and it's lessons.

    When covid infections started everybody was wondering how hard it will hit Africans ,and how much suffering and death will it cause.

    Everyone hugged the available vaccines and gave us little.They have failed to notice one important historical fact : Slavery

    One of the many reasons many Africans were enslaved was due to our endurance to suffering and resistance against disease. We could go to any continent and still flourish and survive the infections.

    We still carry those immunity genes to this day, infact we are better protected today than we were then.

    There is a Danish professor Christine stabell Ben Christine Stabell Benn

    who mentioned that vaccines have other effects outside its intended purpose in training the immune system . I believe her.

    if you think about it vaccines are just infections that train the immune system long as it can learn .

    In contrast my condolences to the African Americans in the United states who were affected by the covid tragedy, perhaps environment and nutrition has a role to play as well .

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