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ISLAM IN Nigeria and Arabic on the Naira Currency.


    The First Church in Nigeria was built in 1842, some say 1898 (Google it)


    1.The first Mosque was built in Ọyọ-Ile in 1550 A.D. (Google it)

    2.The most recognized in history is the Great Mosque of Kano built in 1582.
    The great mosque was built for Muhammad Rumfa in the 15th century and was moved to a new site by Muhammad Zaki in 1582.

    However, history has it that mosques were built in

    Iwo town in 1655 followed by

    Iṣẹyin, in 1760;

    Lagos, 1774;

    Ṣaki, 1790;

    and Oṣogbo, 1889.

    The bottom line is whether 1550 or 1582, Islam has been in existence in Nigeria for almost three centuries before the coming of Christianity.

    The British came and forced their religion on our forefathers which led to lots of them changing their names and becoming Christians.

    Next time CAN talks about Islamization of Nigeria, please educate them.!
    Islam did not just start. It has been there. If we did not islamize anyone all these years is it now because Buhari is president.
    Why is CAN even screaming islamization now that for the first time a pastor is in the villa as vice president?
    There was never an Imam who became Governor. In benue we had a Catholic priest as governor. In taraba we had a reverend both in Northern Nigeria. Now we have a pastor as vice President.
    Please let religious bodies sow the seeds of peaceful coexistence not disharmony and needless suspicion.
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