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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) coming to

  • Progressive App link on mobile and Tablet.

    What Are Progressive Web Apps?

    It is simply a mobile app delivered through the web. It looks and functions similar to a native app. The main advantage is that there is no app store process involved and the costs to build a progressive web app is significantly lesser.

    A new, modern web application standard.These applications are web apps, but they behave more like native apps. Like existing web apps, they’ll be hosted directly on their associated website. Developers can update them directly on their web server without submitting those updates to several different app stores, and the same app will run on all browsers and platforms.

    When you install a progressive web app, you’ll get a home screen, taskbar, or desktop shortcut that launches the app (depending on your platform). The app will load quickly and will include offline support, push notifications, background syncing support, and other modern goodies.

    These apps can also use existing web technologies to access location services, your webcam, and other such features we’d normally associate with native apps. Of course, apps have to ask you and get your permission before accessing these things.


     Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and other companies are working on it even Apple inc is following along and implementing support for it

    Benefits and Highlights of PWA'S :

    Re-Engagement using Push Notifications


    Accelerated Loading Speed




    Note that PWA works for SSL certified websites only. That means your website should be running on HTTPS. This factor of PWA makes your content even more safe and secured. Thus, We can say that PWA serves via HTTPS to prevent snooping and ensure content has not been tampered.


    Improve User Experience


    Not only the app like look and feel improves the experience of users of a community but PWA also provides the app like functionality.Better UI, No scrolling glitches, better speed, Service worker caching, Server-side rendering etc are some integral parts of PWA which results in providing better user experience.


    Work in Offline / Online mode


    Progressive Web Apps work even when there is no or poor internet connectivity. Though the user will not able to load new content, they can view the pages which have been previously visited by them.


    App Like Experience


    When users visit your website in the mobile browser, they'll be prompted to add the Progressive Web Apps to their home screens. PWAs are added to the home screens along with the app icon and name in just one click and launches with a splash screen and works like a native app.


    Responsive Layout


    Progressive Web Apps are highly responsive , i.e. they respond differently when viewed on devices of different sizes, be it a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. They automatically adjust their layout depending on the device.


    Add to Home Screen


    Progressive Web Apps can be installed with just one tap. This frictionless installation lets users enjoy service instead of installing the bulky native app


    Synchronized with the Web


    Progressive Web Apps are synced with the website due to which every update on website will reflect on the app automatically. The update can be seen when the PWA is loaded and it doesn’t have to be updated in the background or before launch as in the case of a native app.


    Maximize Reach.


    A Progressive web app can help a website quickly reach a wider audience with relatively less effort. In the times where competition is increasing day-by-day, expanding your market reach faster than your competitors can prove to be a decisive advantage.


    PWAs are Great For SEO.


    Progressive Web Apps boosts the search ability and accessibility of any application. Progressive Web Apps load fast and this has a marked impact on search engine rankings as faster loading sites receive a ranking boost and are indexed quickly.


    PWAs on Windows 10


    When you distribute your Progressive Web App through the Microsoft Store, the entire Windows 10 install base of 600+ million active monthly users is your potential app audience!

    When installed on Windows 10, PWAs run as Universal Windows Platform apps and gain these technical advantages over running in the browser:

    • Standalone window

    • Independent process from browser (isolated cache, less overhead)

    • No storage quota (for IndexedDB, local storage, etc.)

    • Offline and background processes

    • Access to native Windows Runtime (WinRT) APIs via JavaScript

    • Appearance in "app" contexts such as the Windows Start menu and Cortana search results

    Here's how to get started converting your web app to a PWA, testing it on Windows 10, and distributing it in the Microsoft Store.