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Sheikh Assim alhakeeme about maulid.


    Tweet by sheikh asseem alhakeeme about maulid .

    I have been preaching Islam, teaching tafseer, aqeedah, fiqh and the seerah of the prophet salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam for the past 36 years with the grace and blessing of Allah. I try to call people closer to Allah in accordance to the Quran and authentic sunnah. I have encountered during these years many obstacles and abuse due to holding on the sunnah and calling people to it. I was called extremist, fundamentalist, milk sheikh, petrodollar sheikh and this made me more steadfast not to change my colors for any one as long as I claim to be doing it for Allah.


    If Maulid had the slightest possibility of being a good thing that pleases Allah, why would I stop people from doing it? 


    This is a clear innovation and those fighting others tooth and nail about it are misled and think that this is their only way of saving their year which they had spent in haram, consumed haram and abandoned most of Allah’s commands! 


    It has become their Christmas that they seek Allah’s forgiveness through and then mess up the whole year afterwards.


    It was never done by our prophet salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam nor his companions and they know best. 


    He instructed us to fast ever Monday like he used to do this not only because he was born in it, rather because he was made a prophet in it as well! 


    This is why, none of the companions had ever fasted the day they were born in! 


    I hope this answers your question, and I will be waiting for your hate comments as usual, hoping that Allah will grant me your good deeds in exchange!