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You've heard of AutoGPT?

  • You've heard of AutoGPT?
    Honestly, this is getting pretty wild!

    It's an open-source project that attempts to make GPT-4 more autonomous.

    It can do some pretty interesting things:
    → Access new information on the internet
    → Keep a "long-term" memory using file storage
    → Access popular websites and platforms

    Among others, this is used in a new project called AgentGPT, which is a variant of ChatGPT (see video below).

    It's very impressive!

    With AgentGPT, you can set up an agent and give it a goal.
    The agent will now come up with a plan, create its own tasks, execute them, revise, create new tasks, etc - until its goal is reached.

    It's self-aware of its own purpose and can create a path for itself.

    This is a form of "primitive AGI."
    We'll see much more of this in near future!

    Check out AgentGPT here →