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  • ChatGPT isn't going to kill SEO. It's actually going to make it more effective. Here's how smart people will use ChatGPT to 10x SEO results:

    Quickly... There's no arguing ChatGPT is a game-changer and solves complex problems instantly. But when it comes to buying products/services, people want options, not to be spoon-fed by a bot. SEO will still matter, and the winners will use that bot to amplify their results.
     Keyword Research: SEMrush has effective "related keyword" tools that help you find coveted "high volume, low competition keywords." But it takes forever. ChatGPT speeds this up by creating a list of long-tail keywords that provide a better starting point for research.
    Content Ideas: Developing ideas for blogs involves painstaking hours in SEMRush, Google, and other tools Or you can just ask ChatGPT "10 Blog Ideas for X.." and keep refreshing the search until you get 10 ideas that will attract the right people. Time = saved.
    Blog outlines: Armed with article topics, ChatGPT will create detailed outlines. Your writer now has a trace for a well-structured article that makes research/writing a breeze. It will provide 5(ish) headers with bullet points that can be expounded on. $$$ = saved.
    Catchy article titles: Writing a compelling article is crucial for ranking, but intriguing titles drive clicks and sales. Ask ChatGPT to spruce up your boring title with one that: - Has a specific tone (playful, serious, etc.) - Is optimized for search - Considers CTR
    Semantic keywords: Integrating conceptually similar terms into a page provides more context for search engines. Content will then rank higher because algorithms recognize depth as a signal of trust/authority. It can take hours to build these lists...but seconds with ChatGPT.
    Topical content map: Effective blogs cover topics that are tangentially related to core themes. Topical articles build subject matter authority, helping pages rank faster and higher. Use the Ai-generated topical map to save hours/days of content planning with one command.
    Schema markup code: Is code that makes it easier for search engines to understand a page's purpose/content. It's important because it impacts "rich snippets" or those other areas of search with high conversions: - Videos - FAQs - Recipes -etc.
    What can't ChatGPT do? Write a good enough blog. I've tried 1000 times and have yet to see a full blog that isn't cookie-cutter. Without a human touch, you're risking getting penalized or ignored by algorithms. Use ChatGPT to make life easier, but know the limits.
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